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    Nattan on my roof in Brooklyn. 

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    Lisa losing her hat in the wind. Jones Beach, 2014. 

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    Lisa today at Jones Beach.

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    “My wife’s hair mimicking the clouds.”

    NYC-based photographer James Chororos is manning our Instagram account all week. Give us a follow.

    © James Chororos

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    Fire tonight in Greenpoint

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    Nattan Pires tonight in Bushwick.

    Big thanks to Eddy Vallante for helping me out on this shoot today.

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    Williamsburg Waterfront 

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    One of my favorite people to photograph and studiomate, Lily Qian.

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    Ollantaytambo, Peru.

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    Amanda in Brooklyn this afternoon. 

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    Bryn on my roof this afternoon. 

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    Wooden Hill Farms in February & October. 

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    Took a trip to PA this weekend to work on Up the Wooden Hill.

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    James Chororos

    I’m excited to be working on a story/interview piece about Maras and these salt flats currently, which will run this Spring/Summer. 

    More info and many more unpublished Peru photographs when it’s out.