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    Guess which one is iPhone. 

    Brighton, Colorado. 

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    Last one from the sand dunes for now. I have a lot to sort through from Colorado- I’ll post more when it all starts coming together. 

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    Camping near Great Sand Dune National Park last night. 

    Coming back to NYC soon unfortunately. Will have plenty to share when I do, though.  

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    Traveling through Colorado this week and next. Probably won’t be posting much more from the road, but will be posting to my Instagram

    This is from the Gross Dam last night just before a heavy storm. 

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    Peru, 2013.

    I shot thousands of photographs in Peru spread across 2 weeks and a few different cameras. The landscape was magical. It just occurred to me that I’ve been slowly editing my way through the photographs for over a year now. 

    On that note, I’m leaving for Colorado this Saturday for a similar length of time. I’ll be traveling through various areas of CO for 2 different work related projects and I have plans in place to shoot a lot of personal work throughout. 

    I’ll be out there for about 2 weeks, so if you live out there or happen to be there around that time and want to meet up for a beer, a shoot, a chat, whatever, feel free to get in touch: james@jameschororos.com. 


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    Laura in Peru, 2013.

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    Waiting at a red light in Long Island City today. 

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    Recently got my x-pro back (it wasn’t working for a long time). Excited to shoot day to day stuff again while traveling light and not having to rely on my iPhone. 

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    Katie in Brooklyn, shot back in May. 

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    Laura, New York City. 

    Testing a new flash for my xpro. 

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    Photographed exactly 1 year ago

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    Brighton Beach this afternoon

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